The Local Dealz

The Local Dealz
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Welcome to —- Your 1-STOP SHOP for ALL Homemade and Retail Products / Services within the Mackenzie County!!

Let me ask you…

😫 As a Customer in the Mackenzie County —- do you ever get frustrated when you want to buy something and you do whatever you can to find it locally… but only to feel like you are basically FORCED to buy it out of town or online because you just can’t find it? 😫 As a Business Owner in the Mackenzie County —- do you ever struggle with finding ways to effectively promote your business locally.... in a way where you see great results WITHOUT it costing 💸 you more than you make?
👉 IF ANY OF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU..... I am very excited to introduce you to my NEW local shopping platform that has been specifically created to help solve those problems! This business platform is created to be a very fast, very easy-to-use online platform – and because it is built specifically to help our local community, it will only feature businesses that are located WITHIN our local Mackenzie county. This way, customers can rest assured that every product or service on the platform can be found within the county (it supports a local business owner within our community and keeps the money local)... …and businesses can rest assured that they will NEVER have to worry about competing with out of town businesses that are looking to creep in and snatch up business from within our community. The platform is designed to...
🔹 help local businesses EASILY (and effectively) advertise and promote their business / products / services in a way where there is minimal cost and maximum reach; and to
🔹 help local customers easily find all the products and services that they need WITHIN our county from local businesses.

As someone who is a HUGE believer in local people supporting local businesses (because I truly believe that local businesses are the lifeblood of every community)...
I do whatever I can to buy EVERYTHING we need locally.

I am very aware that we live in a smaller center and we don’t always seem to have all the options that a bigger center offers, but…

It is still very frustrating when I can’t find what I need, especially when I know that every store carries between 1,000 - 100,000+ products (so it’s not like we don’t have any options)...
– AND –
I know that someone likely already sells the product that I am looking for locally because normally, I end up finding it (or something similar) as soon as I send my money to the land of no-return (aka Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc) 🤦‍♂️ So, whether you are a Business Owner looking to get more exposure for the products you sell OR you are a Customer looking to purchase a new:
• Auto or an RV (like a new holiday trailer, quad, side by side, snowmobile, etc), or
• some new household items for your Home (appliances, furniture, beds, blinds, flooring, entrance mats, etc), or
• some new Clothing for you and your family, or
• some Health & Wellness items (supplements, workout programs, gym options, etc),
• or even hire someone to build you a new house / garage / deck or help you with some plumbing or electrical work etc
…head over to to find all that and more!

📱 Web Design / SEO & Lead Gen
I also offer professional Web Design services to help you build your brand, and SEO / Lead Gen services to help you promote your business the right way and generate more sales so that you can scale your business.
If you have any questions about anything, send me a quick email or shoot me a text and we can figure out if there is some way that I can help 👍