Peace Country Gleaners

Peace Country Gleaners
Abe B. Wiebe (Chair Person): 780.841.1999
Frank Wiebe: 780.926.6451

9209-91 Street
Box 707
La Crete, AB
T0H 2H0

Starting mid-September for this Year (2022) and likely going through the winter.
*For more information contact Kathy Friesen 780.841.1887 (or any of the others listed here).

Abe B. Wiebe (Chair Person) 780.841.1999
William Zacharias (Vice-Chair) 780.926.6644
Henry Wiebe (Treasurer) 780.841.9723
Frank Wiebe (Secretary) 780.926.6451
Henry Friesen (Manager/Director) 780.841.1894

"Feeding the world's hungry"
Operations began on April 2012