Mackenzie Oat Millers Inc.

Mackenzie Oat Millers Inc.
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NE 31 Twp 105 RR 14 W5
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La Crete, Alberta
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Solutions for a Healthier, Sustainable Future North Western Prairie Oats
Oats have increased in popularity in the world as many countries are turning to oats to supply a healthy option to people's diet. Northern Alberta is known to produce the finest oats in the world.

Growing Breakfast - Plant, Harvest & Process Rolled Oats
Milling northern oats is what were proud of.
The process where the hulls are removed and leave the groat with the endosperm intact.
The prosses of kilning steams the groats for its nutty flavor and shelf life stabilization.
Hulls have been removed and groats have been stabilized for shelf life.
Oats are flattened between rollers producing Large Flake Oats for cereal and baking.
- #5 Organic Regular Rolled Oats
- Organic Oat Groats
- #5 Regular Rolled Oats
- Oat Groats