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This Page has been created to inform the public of services and events being offered by non-profit organizations in the La Crete area. 

If you are a non-profit organization and would like to post something on this page, please contact our office.

The La Crete Inter-agency meetings have been CANCELLED UNTIL FUTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID-19 (3rd Wednesday of January, March, May, September & November) @ 10:00 AM at (Northern Lights Rec. Centre-Upstairs Boardroom).

*Please email your summary (what you will be presenting including Services offered, Events, Need for Volunteers, etc.) to at least 1 working day prior to meeting date so we can have them printed for the meeting. This will save on note taking & in order to forward complete information on to those who were unable to attend.

This meeting is open to representatives of non-profit organizations who offer services in and around the La Crete Area. 



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The role of the La Crete Agricultural Society in the community of La Crete is quite multi-faceted. The office hours at the La Crete Heritage Centre are now Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Check out our website here. Our email address is: .On the website you can see photos of the museum village and the local community events that we help organize each year.

  1. It is our mission to preserve for future generations the tangible and intangible history and culture of the community and its people through the management of the local pioneer museum village called the La Crete Mennonite Heritage Village.” In doing so, it is our goal that museum visitors and future generations will come to understand and appreciate the Mennonite heritage, faith, and culture.

–          We have a two museum committee members that have been very faithful to provide museum tours to approximately 200 out of town museum visitors each year. Some from as far away as South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belize, and many parts of the United States; others come from across Alberta and Canada. If you feel that this is something you would also enjoy we will gladly train you. A guided tour is so much more meaningful to the visitors.

–          Other museum committee members have been very committed to the restoration of equipment. Yet others to the organization and operations at our annual Pioneer Day. This is an area where the museum committee really needs more help from community people. Anyone with the interest, knowledge, or skills please call us at (780)928-4447. We will gladly train and we have a great committee you can partner with, but some are starting to experience health issues and so we are in critical need of more help.

–          We provide Mennonite and local history lesson sessions to public and private school classes, generally followed by a tour of the La Crete Mennonite Heritage Village. Some of the private schools have also provided a tractor and driver and the program coordinator has taken the children to the “Rooster’s Comb Hill” – after which the La Crete area was named – and also down to La Crete Landing where the early settlers arrived and did business with the river boat captains.

–          We also collect history photos and stories to document the local intangible history and culture. Perhaps someday we can do an update to the La Crete history book called, “A Heritage of Homesteads, Hardships, and Hope.” If anyone out there has old family or community photos or stories to share with us please call us or drop by the office at the La Crete Heritage Centre.

–          The museum village is available for families or wedding couples to take their pictures for a cost of $50.

2. It is also our mission to provide the community with a facility that meets the need for community functions by the management of the community hall – the La Crete Heritage Centre. The board is very grateful to the Mackenzie County and local businesses that have partnered with us to make this possible.

3. The La Crete Agricultural Society’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for our community through programs and community events like the Heritage Jamboree, Canada Day, Mug Bog, Northern Alberta Fun Flyers BBQ event, Fall Fair, and Pioneer Day. It takes a lot of volunteers for each event and anyone interested in investing time in their community by helping at any one of these events please call us at (780)928-4447.

4. We also support organizations and schools that undertake Farm Safety Programs and initiatives like Farmers’ Market. Some years there has been some money made available by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development for Farm Safety events. If there are any schools or organizations that would like to organize such an event we can check into possible funding for you from the provincial government.