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To all our valued Co-op customers,

We at La Crete Co-op just wanted to give you an update as to the challenges we have been facing with the Coronavirus pandemic and how our team has been responding to the challenge.

First let me say that the supply chain in Canada is not broken and it too is ramping up to meet the new demand levels and while there are some shortages we are expecting them to be brief.

Locally it has been a huge challenge to keep up but our staff has done an amazing job of keeping our shelves as full as possible with the stock that we do get in. For example there have been days lately when we have to replace almost 25,000 separate items because of the volume that is being purchased and due to the staff’s efforts our shelves have had minimal holes with the exception being the items that are delayed because of overall shortages across Canada.

Also we are taking strong measures to protect our staff and customers from becoming infected including everything from making sure that staff can only come to work if they are healthy and having extra cleaning and sanitization done. Also we will be communicating any new programs that we can offer to our seniors and the ill very shortly.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward as a community builder in working together to with our customers and other business’s to overcome this challenge.

-Barry Neufeld
General Manager

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